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Shrink Tunnels

  • Constant Temperature Shrinking Packager Used to shrink large quantity products such as pop-top cans, beer and mineral water, etc;
    Used in the industry of wood, steel, ceramics, electric appliance and computer industry;
    Specially designed for shrinking some big and heavy products packed with PE film...
  • Shrink Tunnel 1. All switches and units are original from famous manufactory, with the stable performance;
    2. With the electronic speed controller to freely adjust the speed of conveyor belt;
    3. Equipped with double insulated device on the surface of the machine to avoid over heat。..
  • Special Shrink Wrap Machine With the hot air circulating shrinkage, this shrink machine is mainly used to shrink label on the body as well as the cap of such containers as bottles, jars, cups in the fields like foodstuff, beverage, pharmacy, cosmetics and pesticide industry...