Wenzhou Zhengsu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. (Wenzhou Rinou Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.)
About us
What we do…
Packaging plays a vital role in our daily life. Without sufficient packaging, goods and products can not be safely transported from place to place, stored, or conveniently sold from bags, tubes, bottles, cartons, etc. Wenzhou Zhengsu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. (Wenzhou Rinou Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.) is a manufacturer of numerous types of packaging machines and filling machines for our global customers. At Zhengsu(Rinou), we are certain we can satisfy your packaging requirements with one of our over 100 types of packaging equipment.

Our products fall primarily into the following categories:
---Filling Machines (utilized for filling with fruit juices, mineral water, jams, creams, etc. in the pharmaceutical, daily chemicals, foodstuffs, cosmetic, and pesticide industries.)
---Labeling Machines (used for labeling bottles of mineral water, milk, soymilk, etc.)
---Capping Machines (used for attaching various caps in the pharmaceutical, pesticide, and lubricating oil industries, for example.)
---Bag Packaging Machines (suitable for automatic packaging of liquids, sweets, peanuts, nuts, seeds, grains, coffee, and tea.)
---Cartoning Machines (used in packing Al-plastic plastic/glass bottles into boxes.)
---Shrink Machines (used for shrink-wrapping foodstuffs, beverages, pharmaceuticals, video discs, hardware, cosmetics, books, toys, and electronic products, among others.)
---Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery (used in the fields of medicine, health products, and cosmetics, for injecting oils, pastes, etc., into capsules to form all kinds of soft-gel encapsulations in many different sizes, shapes, and colors.)
Our packaging equipment is popular in markets both domestic and foreign.

About Zhengsu(Rinou)
Founded in 1992, Zhengsu(Rinou) (then known as Dongfang Factory) was a small factory, manufacturing a few types of simple packaging machines. Due to our commitment to continual product development and improvement, Zhengsu(Rinou) has quickly grown. In 2008, Zhengsu(Rinou) restructured by setting up two new companies to better serve our global customers.
Since its inception, Zhengsu(Rinou) has always given great attention to quality control. We have passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system and our tube filling machines have received CE authorization. All Rinou-brand packaging machines are in accordance with major international safety standards.
Zhengsu(Rinou) is headquartered in Wenzhou City, China. The Wenzhou port affords us convenient transportation. Thus, we are able to provide our customers high quality packaging machines at the best prices.
You can contact us at +86-577-86001775, or write to us via for any of your filling machine or packaging machine needs, as well as for technical support.

Customer Service
At Zhengsu(Rinou), we strive to satisfy our global customers both with advanced technology and premium products, as well as complete customer service. We clearly understand that our rapid development is a result of excellent service. In order to better serve our customers, we provide complete customer care, from help with machine selection, installation, and commissioning, to spare parts supply, training, and maintenance. We provide these services in a variety of ways: by telephone, CD technique service, the Internet, and door to door service.
Welcome to Zhengsu(Rinou), your place for any filling or packaging machine needs!